About Us

Uglybell is a design studio focused on creating unique crafted and painted by hand Eyewear Masterpieces. This worldwide innovative idea comes from our passion for design and art. Due to our specificity of making ordinary things into special, we did not lose the opportunity to start our idea. This is what gives us the freedom to create shapes, patterns, and colors that we believe are exquisite. Every pair is unique, mirroring the uniqueness of every person wearing it.
As a lover of design and art, Nicholas Gkikas, he used to re-interpret everyday objects and gadgets and turn them into unique pieces of art with his personal touch.
From childhood, he had a constant feeling that he had to create something really special. He studied Industrial Design, and at the same time as a street artist, he drew graffiti on the walls of the city he grew up in, Athens. In early 2012 we came up with the idea of drawing on eyeglass frames. The result was just as he had thought: a colorful, vibrant and highly original pair of glasses. The first impressions of family and friends were extremely positive. The reaction of people stumbling upon him wearing his sunglasses, was something that he could never imagine, constantly asking him where did he buy those, and everyone was astonished when they were answered that he created them by himself.
This large demand lead to a new business idea and the setup of the brand Uglybell. Production takes place in a small and idea filled workshop in Athens, where the main activity is the creation of hand-painted glasses.
As an innovative company in eyewear, we pay great attention to the quality of the materials selected and we guarantee the best quality standards.
Just like a painting on a canvas, Uglybell- Eyewear Masterpieces have a personal taste and imagination of the artists themselves.
We have developed a special coating process, which protects the frame from scratches and extreme weather conditions. With so many colors patterns and textures, the most difficult thing is to limit yourself to just one pair of Uglybell-Eyewear Masterpieces. Every pair is unique like you!